Which Baits

As you are now probably aware, I want to get away from specialised groundbaits and hook baits, bought from your local tackle shop.

I want to get back to making my own groundbaits, like I did when I was a kid, fishing wasn’t just a trip to your local water, it meant putting a bit of time and effort into preparing your own baits, and getting some enjoyment out of it.

My weekend fishing would start on Monday at school, discussing with friends where we would fish at the weekend, what fish we should target, what tackle and  baits to use.

On Wednesday or Thursday nights things would start in earnest, grating up stale bread, adding other ingredients and food colours, perhaps making a cheese or bread paste,  the anticipation would build all through the week.

I know we live life at a different pace now, but it’s a lame excuse to say you don’t have time to make your own baits, just sit down and work out how many hours you waste in front of the TV, on video games, or surfing the internet.

What a great feeling catching fish using your own recipes and ingenuity, and getting more pleasure, being a pleasure angler.

You probably won’t see any boilies on this page, even though I have made my own in the past.