Canela Paste

A friend in the village told me he uses “Canela Paste” which translates as “Cinnamon Paste” when he fishes in the local river, he makes it with just flour, water, and cinnamon.

My method is different as I’m using a readymade puff pastry, hopefully this will stop the paste from hardening, also it should be able to be frozen, thawed and refrozen many times over.


Groundbait mix, refer to first supermarket groundbait, this makes up 50 % volume

Readymade (frozen) puff pastry this makes up 50% of the volume.

Canela, cinnamon spice


Groundbait refer to first supermarket groundbait, do not use the herrings, salmon pate and olive oil.

Using a blender, blitz the loaf of bread and put into a bucket, then blitz the frozen sweet corn and chick peas, use a setting that gives you a coarse and fine mix, add to the bucket.

However much puff pastry you are going to use, you need to set aside the same quantity of the groundbait in a bowl. Mix and beat the groundbait until it is a smooth paste. Then put it in the freezer.

Grate the frozen puff pastry (with a cheese grater) into a bowl and sprinkle over some cinnamon.

Grate the frozen groundbait (with a cheese grater) into the same bowl and sprinkle over some cinnamon.

Thoroughly mix together with your hands, after some time you should have your cinnamon paste. Now add some cinnamon to the groundbait that you did not need for the paste.

Both your groundbait and paste will have a cinnamon, sweet corn and chick pea flavour.