First Supermarket Groundbait

When I started looking around the rivers and lakes in Spain I noticed a lot of discarded tins of sweet corn, although it is bad practice not to take rubbish home with you, it did give me a clear indication on where to start with my first groundbait mix.

Also chick peas are found in many Spanish dishes, so it was fairly safe to assume these must have been tried in the past.

Add to this the mainstay of the mix, a loaf of bread, and a few other ingredients with a slightly stronger aroma.


1 large white loaf (820 gms)

2 packs (frozen) sweet corn, (450 grams each)

2 packs (frozen) chick peas, (450 grams each)

Small tin salmon pate

2 small tins of herrings in oil

Olive oil


Using a blender, blitz the loaf of bread and put into a bucket, then blitz the frozen sweet corn and chick peas, use a setting that gives you a coarse and fine mix, add to the bucket.

Put the herrings and salmon pate into a bowl with a little olive oil and mix with a fork, then add to the bucket and mix thoroughly with the other ingredients.

You should now have a mix that will ball up and sink to the bottom, and also a crumb type mix that will sink slowly through your swim.

For the hook bait I use sweet corn, I use tinned sweet corn as it is sweeter than  frozen.