Sightseeing Valencia at Your Leisure

Valencia is one of Spain’s biggest cities that attract a lot of tourists every year. It is the capital of the autonomous community provinces that comprise Castellon, Valencia and Alicante. It is well known for its liveliness and great tourist offerings. It is aptly known as the “Bright City” of the Autonomous Community.

Beach Attractions
Right at the Mediterranean Sea, there are miles of beautiful sandy beaches with amazing weather to attract tourists by the flocks in the summer. There is plenty to see and do at Valencia beaches. There are plenty of beach and sea activities to occupy your time such as diving, sailing, golfing, sports, water-skiing and snorkeling.

Ancient Sights
Valencia has much to offer in terms of history as a big portion of the city contains the famous old town that still showcases the tram rails in the 19th century. You will find the old ancient walls around the old town with much of them still intact and standing. Much effort has been undertaken to restore and preserve these ancient historical walls which hold lots of stories and lessons for all.

Monuments standing in Valencia today date as far back as the Re-conquest from the Moors in the 13th century. They record the town’s booming epoch as well as the unfortunate events that flowed through the town.

Impressive Monuments
One of the greatest architectural structures that still stand today is the grand cathedral in early gothic style. It showcases three different era portals that reflect the Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic styles elegantly. The grand cathedral also has a quaint and functional chapel which was structured in impressive Baroque style while two other chapels take on neoclassic styles.

You cannot help but notice the unique bell tower in octagonal shape called the Micalet or Miguelete. It has stood as the city’s landmark over time. You can enjoy a great view of Valencia from the bell tower. Actually there are supposedly over 300 bell towers in the city.

History fans will want to note the Capitulary where Jesus Christ had the Last Supper with his apostles.
The cathedral also has an impressive artistic collection from Goya, Cellini, Jacomart and Paggibonsi during the 15th and 17th century.

Other impressive architectural buildings are the San Juan church, the Aragon Almirantes Palace and the Santo Domingo Convent. All these structures hold historical value that must be appreciated leisurely.