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Fishing In Spain

Exploring The Waterways
In La Comunidad Valenciana

Where To Fish

Discover a wide range of exceptional fishing spots in Spain with this collection of articles. Whether you are an avid angler or a beginner looking for exciting fishing experiences, Spain offers a diverse array of locations to satisfy your fishing cravings.

The articles cover various lakes and reservoirs, each presenting a unique angling opportunity. From the serene Asut De Antella to the scenic Embalse De Bellus and the tranquil Embalse De Benageber, you’ll find picturesque settings that provide a serene atmosphere for your fishing adventures.

If you’re seeking a more challenging experience, the Embalse De Buseo, Embalse De Contreras, and Embalse De Cortes offer a thrilling environment where you can test your skills against formidable fish species. These locations are known for their abundance of fish and the thrill they provide to anglers of all levels.

For those looking for hidden gems, the articles introduce you to lesser-known spots such as the Embalse De Embaracaderos, Embalse De Escalona, and Embalse De Forato. These off-the-beaten-path destinations allow you to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful fishing experience surrounded by untouched natural beauty.

If you’re after large catches, the Embalse De Loriguilla, Embalse De Naranjero, and Lake Albufera are worth exploring. These water bodies are renowned for their impressive fish populations and offer excellent opportunities to reel in some trophy-sized catches.

Lastly, don’t miss the chance to visit the Presa De Tous, where you can immerse yourself in a serene fishing atmosphere while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

No matter your fishing preferences or skill level, these articles provide a comprehensive guide to fishing in Spain. Prepare your gear, explore these incredible fishing locations, and create unforgettable angling memories in the beautiful Spanish scenery.

Fishing in Spain on Presa De Tous

Explore the abundant fish species, catch monster carp, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Presa De Tous. An angler’s dream come true!

Fishing In Spain on Lake Albufera

Discover the tranquil beauty of Lake Albufera in Spain, a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in nature’s splendor while reeling in impressive catches.

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License requirements

An angling licence is required for fishing in reservoirs, rivers and estuaries. At the moment there is no national licensing system in Spain, however you will need a regional license.

Which Baits

As you are now probably aware, I want to get away from specialised groundbaits and hook baits, bought from your local tackle shop.

I want to get back to making my own groundbaits, like I did when I was a kid, fishing wasn’t just a trip to your local water, it meant putting a bit of time and effort into preparing your own baits, and getting some enjoyment out of it.

First Supermarket Groundbait

Discover a unique groundbait recipe inspired by Spain, combining discarded tins of sweet corn, chickpeas, bread, and more. Learn how to create a versatile mix for fishing that sinks and attracts fish effectively. 🌊🥖🌽

Canela Paste

Learn how to make a special cinnamon-infused fishing bait called Canela Paste using readymade puff pastry. Discover an alternative method that prevents hardening and allows for freezing and reusing. Enjoy the cinnamon, sweet corn, and chickpea flavor! 🎣🥐🌽🥣