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Fishing In Spain
Fishing in Spain in the wonderful Valencia Province, we were fortunate enough to move to this lovely area of Spain in 2005, and within these pages we hope to give the reader a broader insight into this wonderful location, and what is available for the keen fisherman.

We have some excellent fishing, depending where you are, this could include: Carp, Black Bass, Barbel, Pike, Zander, Pumpkinseed fish, Tench, Trout, Eels, Bleak and Madrilla.

Fishing in Spain in the Valencia Province. There are 14 large manmade reservoirs, most of these were constructed between the 50s and 90s, so they are very well established now. The water levels of these reservoirs are prone to a little change, this being due to water usage, and the amount of rainfall we have in the area.

As well as the reservoirs there are several rivers to investigate, as well as the major ones there are some so small they are not even categorized on Google maps, but when we find them they will be added to the website, with all the relevant information, such as location, fish activity, and normally accompanied by a video.

Note: the Valencia Government restricts the use of power boats on a lot of its reservoirs, so please check the details on the relevant pages.  

Within the “Fishing In Spain” website we hope to furnish you with a comprehensive list of where to fish in this lovely region of Spain, and what species of fish are available in the different reservoirs and rivers. Each river and reservoir has its own individual page, and the reservoirs all have a link to their own specific Google map.

For the visitor who wants to organize their own fishing holiday in Spain, the most important first step is to acquire a license. We go into more detail about acquiring a license further on in the website. Please Note: there is no general license covering the whole of Spain, each Comunidad has their own license.

Secondly he/she should surf the "fishing In Spain" website thoroughly, this will give you a shortcut to the best areas, even the best swims, and which baits to use.
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Aptly named as originally bred in France at the Royal Chateau in Fontainebleau (King Louise XIV)
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