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A Different Kind Of Loose Feed And Hookbait

When I was a lot younger I used to colour my maggots in various shades of red, green and blue, the reds were always a success, but green and blue were complete disasters.

Undeterred I would set about experimenting with different flavourings on these two failures, the family fridge used to be full of little pots, marmite flavoured blue maggots, curry flavoured green maggots to name but two.

My enthusiasm was only matched by my mother’s distrust of the bait boxes; this was due to a small accident involving a not secured bait box lid, and a shag-pile carpet. I honestly thought I had retrieved all the maggots from the shag-pile using a pair of tweezers, but oh dear, come the warmer weather.

My father complained bitterly about the number of flies in the house, and how it must have been a particularly bad year for flies. If only he knew, I have my mum to thank for not telling him.

So in honour of my dear departed parents, and for any suffering I may have caused them, I am back on the trail of a natural “GREEN” loose feed and hook bait.

This time I’m trying the humble garden pea, frozen peas are so cheap they have to be worth a try, I’m still not convinced of the colour, but I’m hoping my fishing ability may have improved enough over the years that I won’t blank on the day.

PS My wife has just reminded me, that as an adult I still had problems with the lids on bait boxes.

Another accident involving maggots a shag pile carpet, and an infestation of flies, this time in our own house.
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