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Fishing In Spain, And Getting Back To Basics

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Feeder  With Float Method

The feeder is attached to a snap link, (for easy feeder changing) The feeder is approximately 30cm from the hook, it’s allowed to slide up the line, the position of the snap link is determined by 2 ledger stops, approximately 25cm apart.

The float is attached to a moving silicon swivel, (easy changing) the float has 2 ledger stops (slightly apart) to keep the float in position, but you could use very light shot.

I set the float over depth; put the rod tip slightly under the water and tension the line until the float is set to the right height.

This set up is very sensitive, any breeze or movement on the line would sink the float, that’s why the line is submerged. 

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Fishing In Spain - Over Depth Float/feeder
This is my favourite method of fishing (providing the waters not too deep), especially on waters I don't know,
Fishing In Spain
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