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Cutting A New Swim

Time to cut a new swim, away from the parking area, and a lot less accessible.

No one person has the divine right to use a swim, even if you have cut it out yourself, as we did last year.

As more anglers became aware of this new swim, it's being used more often, there's nothing wrong with that, and if the swim is occupied when I get there, that's not a problem either, first come first served.

What I object to, is clearing up after irresponsible anglers, plastic bags, empty tins of sweet corn, beer bottles and cans, and endless metres of discarded line, to name but a few of the items I find every time I visit the swim.

There seems to be a complete disregard for the countryside, and anyone that cares to use it, and Iím not talking about children, these are adults, but undoubtedly their children will behave in the same manner, as their role models are irresponsible adults.
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