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Fishing In Spain, And Getting Back To Basics

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Time To Downsize

Time to have another clear out, last year it was a big box of baits and enhancers; now it's time to trim down on the tackle.

I only fish with one rod at a time, and when I'm fishing locally I know what fish I'm targeting, so it's not necessary to take 4 rods with me, I don't need to carry 20 different feeders, when I can get away with just two. I have 7 different hook sizes, with each size having two or three different patterns, I'm sure this could be cut in half. And is it necessary to carry ten (small) spools of line of different breaking strain.

The list goes on and on.

If I go to a water I don't know, then all of the above would go with me, but when I'm fishing locally, all I need is one rod and reel, two feeders, selection of floats, selection of hooks, a few ledgers, split shot, ledger stops, forceps, superglue, landing net, (in case I'm lucky), tin of sweet corn, and a chair.

I don't fish for hours on end like I used too, I might only go for two hours, it also helps having the River Albaida, only 4 minutes away. So all the above can be left in the car, and it's there ready and waiting whenever I need it.
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