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Video Outtake, Day Out To The Presa De Tous

I love driving in Spain, with the sun shining, and a CD turned up loud, but not loud enough to drown out my off key singing, however this turned out to be a very long day.

Normally it takes less than an hour for me to get to the Presa De Tous but today I decided to take a long route so I would be able to visit other areas, Anna, Bolbaita, up to Navarres, back track to Sumacarcer, and then onto the lake.

With the stops, the journey took nearly 4 hours, (on the video it says 1 hour, estimated time without stops) so when I got to within touching distance of the lake only to find the road is closed to the public, I was not happy. 

I then had to spend another 21/2 hours backtracking to Sumacarcer, down through Antella, (another stop), onto the A7 motorway, up to the village of Tous, and then another 7km  before reaching the viewing point.

A long Day Out
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