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Fishing In Spain, And Getting Back To Basics

Going Upstream

We now follow the river Albaida upstream to the Embalse de Bellus, built in 1995, the water holds carp and sun perch.
Following the Albaida upstream to the Embalse de Bellus
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View from the dam wall
View from the bank
Hidden gem near Alboy
Along the way to the Embalse de Bellus we pass the popular "Bar Chopa".From the newly built bridge fisherman can often be seen pitting their wits against the trout that occupy this stretch, as we travel further upstream we come across a weir that is hidden by a forest of bamboo, it's no surprise that many locals are unaware of this little gem.
Fishing In Spain - Bellus Dam Wall
Fishing In Spain - Bellus From the Bank
Fishing In Spain - Hidden Gem
Fishing In Spain
Exploring The Waterways
In La Comunidad Valenciana
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