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Fishing In Spain, And Getting Back To Basics

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Getting Back To Basics

So after a six year absence I have returned to the river bank.

It was when I was sorting out a very large bait box, that I realized I was carrying more than enough baits and additives to last me six months, instead of the 6 hours I intended to fish.

When I was a youngster my friends and I would take a 30 minute train ride, and then have a 2 mile walk to the lakes. Our hook baits, consisted of maggots, worms, hemp, sweetcorn, and cheese paste, as we got a little older we started to include cat food, and dog biscuits.

We didn’t have boilies, trout pellets, and additives such as green lipped mussel, or super scopex, and all the other can’t do without additives.  We certainly didn’t have any type of PVA bags, or spod rods.

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