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The River Vaca

We came across the River Vaca in early August 2012, when we decided to have a drive out for a spot of lunch. We stopped at the river on the way into Xeraco, and I promised myself I would have to return at a later date to investigate it further.

After looking at Google maps I returned in September 2012. I started from where the river meets the sea, and followed the river up to the sluice gates, a distance just over 3km. I have to admit that the river looked very promising, with plenty of fish activity.

Unfortunately in a few sections (because of the time of year) there was a high concentration of weed, also a first for me, I saw quite a few terrapins. The wider section by the sluice gates had lots of weed and was teeming with carp. I assume the river is not fished much, as there are only a few man made swims.

River Vaca is also called Rio de Xeraco on Google maps.
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I hope to return soon, before the weed returns.