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Day Out In Xativa, Borgia Popes

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The legendary Borgia (Borja) family are renowned for producing two popes; they were natives to the Costera region, of which Xativa is the capital. The surname comes from Valencia in the time of James I and was prevalent in the town of Zaragozana de Borja.

Alfonso de Borgia, born in the nearby town of Canals (7km away) was the first pope of the family, governing the Catholic Church under the name of Calixto III.

Following in his footsteps, his great nephew Rodrigo de Borgia took the name of Alejandro VI. He is believed to have been born 1st January 1431. Hes was made cardinal in 1456, Bishop of Valencia in 1458, and in 1492 despite opposition from the powerful roman families he was elected Pope.

He fought continually with the major monarchs of Christendom to safe guard the independence of the papal territories. He signed the treaty of Tordesillas, dividing up the new world territories between Spain and Portugal. He died in Rome in August 1503.
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