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Fishing In Spain, And Getting Back To Basics

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Royale Carp from the river Albaida
Location: La Comunidad Valenciana
Start Date: March 2012 
Why:  I Have Rekindled My Love For Fishing!

Hi and Welcome to Fishing In Spain

Hi, my name is Jamie. Since moving to Spain I’ve had a 6 year absence from fishing. Now, with renewed vigour, I’m going back to the river banks.

However, this time I’m going back to basics; no night fishing, no bivouacs, no boillies, no specialised ground baits, no specialised equipment like bait-runner reels, electronic alarms etc.

Hook baits will be natural, as will my ground baits - all made from natural ingredients found in the local supermarkets.

But I want to try a wide variety of different baits, unusual, unconventional, or just plain overlooked or forgotten, I want to make people take notice, my aim is to get a WTF, or no way reaction.

Why do we keep spending unnecessary amounts of money on shop bought wonder baits? I want to start putting the fun back into being a “pleasure angler”.

I hope you enjoy your stay, please note, this site is young and will be updated frequently, so why not add us to your favourites and join our RSS feed (see the home page). That way you won't miss any of the action.

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